What is Work Place Improvement?

Work Place Improvement focuses on the change in the work culture of an organization on the work floor as well as in the office.

Kaizen and 5S forms the basis of the Work Place Improvement activities.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning change for betterment of something. For us word denotes   “continuous improvement” on a long term basis. Kaizen emphasizes on driving out waste from the process by making gradual incremental changes in everyday work with the involvement of everybody working on the process.

5S removes clutter and creates a good environment by improving the house-keeping in the Work Place.


Five rules of 5S are:

SEISO (cleanliness)
SEIKETSU (cleanup)
SEITON (orderliness)
SEIRI (tidiness)
SHITUSKE (discipline)




Basic principles followed for Work Place Improvement activity are:

Involve those who execute the work process.
Go to the work place to identify potential improvement areas.
Begin with small improvements.
Begin with own problems, not with others.
Begin from easier areas.
Make improvements a part of daily routine.
Participate in a group.
Establish or revise the standards to prevent recurrence.
Do not accept things as they are.
Do not reject any idea without trying it.

 Do not hide problems, expose them.

Any activity which does not add value for the customer is to be treated as non-value adding.
Train personnel to do work “First time right”.
Every team member must have high personal discipline.

Some of the effective methods in carrying out work place improvement activities are :

5 S
Zero defects

New product development

Small group activity
Total Productive maintenance
Statistical Quality Control

Suggestion systems


Customer orientation


Housekeeping planning:

A Divide workplace in different zones.
B Divide zones into different parts.
C Every zone should have one check-list.
D Evaluation should be done once a month or as per convenience.
E Areas having good housekeeping should be rewarded.
F Also, the areas having best housekeeping for six months consecutively should be rewarded.

Our Role

We bring in expertise and hands-on experience related to all the areas of Quality Management. We support our clients by building awareness on all the concepts used for improvement activities, like Kaizen, 5S, Kanban, Problem-solving tools, Just-in-time, Zero defect, TPM, SQC, many more.

Facilitation is done throughout the process of implementation, information of small groups, in planning of Kaizen events, implementation of 5S program.


Kaizen implementation brings about the following benefits:

 Improved Productivity
Improved House-keeping and clutter free work place
Improved machine uptime

 Increased employee involvement

Increased customer satisfaction
Increased profitability
Reduced setup time

Reduced defect rates

Reduced manufacturing waste

Reduced cycle time


Improved House-keeping and clutter free work place with 5S   implementation ensures

inconvenience of searching is avoided.
time spent in handling is reduced.
better space utilization.
inconsistency becomes apparent at a glance.
no accidents and injuries.
inspection of tools leads to enhanced inspection.
more improvements by keeping the passages clear.
good work without purchasing new things.
machine downtime can be reduced and operation time can be increased.
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