What is TQM?

TQM is an organizational approach where everyone involved works on continuous improvement in all products/processes using proper problem solving methodology to create customer delight.




Implementation of TQM begins with transformation of the organization to a new mind-set which is customer centric in nature.

Management system and processes are modified to reflect this new mind-set.

Appropriate problem-solving tools are used and improvement projects are set up to bring out products/services/processes to meet customer expectations.

  Broad elements in TQM implementation:  

Our role:

We begin with providing training and awareness on the concept of TQM. Also Trainers are prepared so that awareness cascades to every level in the organization.

ASK Quality assists the organization in defining its Vision and Mission and also in deployment of the same across the organization.

At this stage, advantages of reduced barriers, high morale, motivation and ownership start becoming visible.

Tasks are identified and teams are formed. Training is provided by us on the use of different problem-solving tools.

  Depending upon the need improvement projects are set up for:  

Inventory reduction

Setup reduction

Customer complaint reduction

Product development

Single piece flow in manufacturing

Through-put time reduction

House-keeping improvement

Waste elimination

And many more as per requirement


Throughout the process continuous facilitation support is provided by ASK consultancy to the improvement teams.

  Benefits of TQM:  


Customer satisfaction enhanced.
A total change in culture is brought about
New values are internalized
Increased productivity and efficiency
Advanced techniques are incorporated in the organization
New products are developed
New skills are developed
Teamwork is enhanced
Improved house-keeping
Improved cross-functional communication
Reduced rework
Reduced inventory
Increased profitability
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