We provide consulting support to organizations planning to go for certification of management systems like ISO 9001 (Quality management system), ISO 14001  (Environment management system), OHSAS 18001(Occupational health and safety management system), TS 17969, ISO 22000:2005 (New standard combining requirements of ISO 9001 and the controls needed to be applied by following the principals of hazard analysis and critical control point), ISO 17799 (Information security management system).




First step in the implementation process is imparting awareness and training on the standard across the organization to prepare personnel for a successful implementation.

Formulation of Quality Policy and  communication of the policy throughout the organization.

Defining of goals and objectives. Management to determine and establish resources.

Establishing methodology for management review to keep a track of implementation process.

Cross-functional teams to prepare manual. Procedures and work instructions to be written down. Record keeping methods are defined.

Implementing the standard as per documentation.

Conducting internal audits to find out the status of  implementation.

Taking preventive and corrective actions to reduce the gap in conformance to the standard.

Preparing the organization for pre-audit.

Selection of certification agency.

Going for final audit.

Certificate is awarded.


Our role:

ASK Quality Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. conducts a series of training programmes to impart skills and provide knowledge necessary for the successful implementation of the systems standard which organization has decided to implement.

ASK conducts awareness training programmes starting from top management. We carry out training on coaching skills for a select group of personnel so that maximum no. of people are trained and awareness reaches every level of the organization.

One workshop on formulation of policy is conducted by us for top management.

Workshop on manual preparation is conducted by us with cross-functional teams participating for writing manual for the relevant standard.

Auditor training programme prepares internal auditors to assess the status of implementation of the standard.

Throughout the implementation process, facilitation is provided for the purpose of guidance, be it documentation of procedures or taking preventive/corrective action based on findings of internal audits till organization is ready to go for an audit by any external agency.


Certificate awarded for the successful implementation of the particular systems standard speaks for organization’s commitment for the same
Certificate also indicates organizations credibility in the international market.
Demonstration of adherence to the system helps in gaining customer confidence.
Increased profitability and growth
Enhanced employee involvement.
Increased employee confidence, morale and skills.
Continual improvement approach provides long term benefits.
Improved management of information and records
Improved problem solving ability within the organization
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