What is Supplier Self Certification?

n the present scenario this fact has been globally recognised that customer’s expectations continue to increase for:

Improved product quality
and competitive prices

To be completely successful in this effect, it will be necessary to significantly reduce defects in purchased products, manufactured internally as well as finished products.

Supplier’s self certification is one of the steps to help improve our products, focusing on defect prevention and improved deliveries.

Who is a Self-Certified Supplier?

A supplier who has a quality system in place that has been investigated and has been found to consistently meet the requirements is self-certified by the organisation.


The Supplier’s Self-Certification programme is a Prevention oriented programme. It is a proactive improvement programme for suppliers to:

Improve quality
Reduce cost
Improve delivery and maintain the supplier base

Our role:

The Supplier’s Certification Process is an ongoing program that utilizes all of the supplier’s performance results and data.  Performance is monitored over time and with the set criteria.

The suppliers should

Share the quality goals of an organisation.
Provide defect free products
Be proactive for continuous improvement
React quickly to collective needs of an organisation.


Supplier’s Requirements

Supplier’s Self- certification process is to prevent the manufacturing and use of non-conforming products/parts. In this regard, the supplier is required to do the effective planning and monitor the performance of the systems as per the plans.
Process Sheets
Jigs and fixtures control
Gauge control
Process Capability study
Control Plans
Production part approval process
Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis

After self-certification, for continuous success, detailed quality process activities must be implemented by the supplier and must not be allowed to deteriorate.  Organisation also must conduct periodic audit of supplier’s Quality System. These audit results are used to make decisions regarding direct shipment, assess progress on corrective action and evaluate overall effectiveness.

Our Role

We start from helping the organization define its requirements and an in-depth study of current practices.

Training is provided to Purchase and Quality Assurance personnel on planning and implementing this concept.

 We help organization in the supplier selection process on the basis of performance.

Training is provided to Suppliers on planning and implementing quality requirements of the organization.
Facilitation is provided on a continuous basis to both the organization as well as suppliers during the course of implementation.

We help organization go for audits and certify suppliers on the basis of audit results.

Supplier’s self-certification provides the mechanism for  advancing supplier up the scale.
It facilitates best practice of supply management and means fewer and better suppliers, lower costs and long term mutual beneficiary relationship with supplier.
It identifies the supplier’s overall capabilities and  capacities, highlights strengths and weaknesses.
Self-certification programme helps in seeking competitive suppliers to enhance organisation’s     ability to manufacture more effectively in order to maintain its leadership in the market.
Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis
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