Set-Up Time Reduction

‘Set up time’ is the term used in manufacturing that denotes

“The time between the last piece off a run and the first good piece off the next run.”


Develop a Set-up reduction team and educate – Why and How.
Select Pilot area with high inventory, Long throughput times, Long set-ups and Critical work centers.
Define approach
Create the Pilot plan
Define the opportunity – Observe, Video tape, review tape with key personnel, apply 5 set-up reduction rules, define changes. All non-value adding action or operations are identified and reduced.
Initiate changes. Modify set-up process. Sell & follow up. Plot and communicate success.
Work center data – Detailed analysis, Changes, Logs, Routings/Process sheets, Sketches/drawing

Our Role

ASK Quality Consultancy brings in full expertise on manufacturing techniques. Educating personnel and developing new skills for handling Set-up reduction time and Quick changeover is our first task. Change in work culture comes about making the activity exciting for the participants. Training programmes are conducted and continuous facilitation is provided throughout the assignment.



Why Set-up reduction and quick changeovers?

More frequent changes
Smaller batches
Lower inventory

Better quality

All non-value adding activities are reduced, saving time and money.
Less waste
More flexibility
Better team work
In small batch sizes quality defects becomes clearly visible.
Greater efficiency
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