What is QFD?

QFD is a versatile tool with a radical approach for structured product development. QFD has unlimited application in any development and deployment activity for translating the “Voice of the Customer” and providing newer and innovative solutions based on this “Voice”. QFD when used creates not only satisfied but also delighted customer.


How does QFD work? (Methodology)


Translating customer’s requirements to design



House of quality:



(Our role)

QFD learning is rich input to all personnel across the organization. Therefore, training is provided to all, including CEO, Product Development Managers and Senior Management Functionaries in Design, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Production and Service. QFD deployment and learning can be taken up to the supervisor and operator levels.

We provide complete training and facilitation support during the process of implementation, right from defining the problem, identifying customers, collecting information and data, to the use of this methodology.



QFD helps the organization

Understand the “Voice of the Customer” through structured methods.
Translate the “Voice of the Customer” into product and service features.
Understand interrelations between customer’s voice and its actions.
Benchmark competitor’s actions and its products.
Plan and prioritize the product goals and actions to be taken.

Put time boundaries on project fulfillment.

Resolve chronic and critical warranty and performance problems.
Develop a rapid approach to product up-gradation and improvement.
Reduce product development cost, time, errors and misuses in a radical manner.
Close development projects on time.
Reduce backtracking.
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