With India, now emerging as one of the hottest destinations to invest and do business with, we forsee a large number of Non Resident Indians wanting to be a part of this excitement.

We will provide exclusive services to our NRI fraternity for –

Partner search – to identify partners for new Joint Ventures or Collaborations with Indian Companies / individuals.
Representation -  To represent buyers for buying goods & materials from Indian vendors and also oversee their Quality requirements, delivery schedule adherence and conduct negotiations on their behalf apart from Vendor Search and up gradation.

Project Reports – ASK Quality Consultancy shall help in preparation of Project Reports for different opportunities for funding purposes.


Manpower Selection & Placement – To assist Non Resident Indians and other investors we will, through a separate division, do man-power search, selection and placement  for their Top,  
Senior and other managerial cadre.

Business ventures depend a lot for their success on the managerial skills of its staff.  For investors having high performance managers and capable management is crucial for their profitability and growth.  We will assist you in search,  selection and placement of high caliber top and senior  management functionaries for your business and investments.

Other services – Apart from those listed above there are many advisory and support services required and we shall be in a position to provide the same as several of those selected services are crucial to your business survival.

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