What is Just-in-time?

A structured approach in a manufacturing organization focused on improving TIMELINESS, QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY AND FLEXIBILITY utilizing various methods of work simplification and waste reduction.

Better quality, cheaper costs, and faster manufacturing and delivery are must in today’s competitive market for survival and growth .


JIT Methods:

Inventory reduction
Elimination of waste
5S method of good housekeeping
Application of 7 QC tools
Visual control
Machine  Total Productive Maintenance
Set-up reduction
Demand pull + Kanban
Supplier relationships
Value / Non-value addition
  Our Role  

ASK Quality Consultancy walk the JIT journey with the organization providing inputs at every step, starting from assessment to planning the implementation tailored to the company. We train personnel across the organization on how to use various methods of JIT listed above.

  Once knowledge and skills are imparted, all the activities are carried forward with full facilitation support by ASK Quality Consultancy.  
Any Quality problem that affects subsequent operations is immediately visible.
Lead time drastically reduced.
Better utilization of space.
Scheduling simplified
Better direct labor utilization
Opportunities for process innovation become visible.
Low inventory
Stores eliminated
Low scrap cost
Lesser inspection as process control is encouraged.
Reduced delays
Fast response to changes in design.
Reduced paper work
Reduced rework
Reduced damage through storage and handling.
Fewer suppliers to contact.
Lower travel and communication costs.
No receiving inspection
Tooling investments minimized
Double inspection eliminated.
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