It is my pleasure to see our website hosted again after extensive renovation and up-gradation.  Through this site, we take the opportunity to showcase our support and services to business and industry.

We have also included a separate link for new events, announcements and for Non Resident Indians who wish to invest or do business in India and require our support.

The business scenario is changing at a very brisk pace and now, for the true we can see the impact of globalization in our lives.  It is now more than ever before that Indian Industry has to strive hard to become competitive and innovative.

Our consulting services have also gone through tremendous change to bring newer support and skills to assist our clients in their endeavours.

Thus, we continue to remain always at the forefront of consulting practice and have been proud to bring major breakthroughs for our clients.

We shall strive to keep our services full of newer content and work to bring the best knowledge and delivery skills at our disposal to further improve Quality, Efficiency and Effectiveness of our clients, existing and new.

Changing Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to meet the challenges has been the mainstay of our work and our services shall always be driven to achieve that end.

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