Quality System Certification & Environment System  Certification to international series of standards  viz. ISO 9000, QS 9000, ISO 14000
Increased motivational  level of employees,  teamwork, change in attitudes & behaviour
Increase /improvement in quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, market share / market acceptance
&  profitability & thereby business growth of organizations
Improvement in value addition, productivity  per person.
Performance oriented goal setting & pilot projects  implementations
Implementation of BPR resulted into improvement in process performance, reduction of   throughput
time for  activities in project execution, design, contracting, planning, order handling, new
product development, order execution etc.   
Reduction in non-value added  activities & inventory.
Improvement in process performance thru adoption / implementation of process approach.
Rapid product development & improvement
Creation of responsible supplier base & subsequently longer  alignment
Improvement of business results for higher profitability & growth
Understanding customer satisfaction issues through structured methods & planning actions accordingly.
Solutions to chronic issues:
greater employee confidence, morale and skills.
Higher level of returns and profits.
Better customer focus and sensitivity to the voice of the customer.
Higher sales productivity per person.
Enhanced channel responsiveness and controls.
Improved selling abilities and customer problem solving aspects.
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