What is Business Process Reengineering?

The radical redesign of strategic, value-added business processes, systems, policies and structures
that support these processes to optimize the work flow and productivity in an organization.

Typically, organizations modify their products and upgrade their products from time to time, but are
unable to derive full value from their efforts as the business processes which support them remain
the same. BPR works in identifying the non-value added activities in the business processes of the

BPR supports in creating radical change in the business processes so that the following key
advantages are attained:

Improved value addition
Improved lead time
Improved process efficiencies
Improved quality
Improved profits
Reduced costs

How does BPR works? (Methodology)

BPR methodology involves the following step by step approach:

Planning and preparation
Identification and selection of processes
Setting up process reengineering targets
Designing new process flows

Our role:

We typically act as facilitators, trainers and guide in overseeing this implementation. Some important
steps in our method include:

Creating management consensus
Setting up a steering committee
Identifying business processes which are strategic to the organization
Selection of reengineering teams including process owners
Providing necessary skills to teams necessary to handle their projects
Assistance in preparation of flow charts and identification of value added and non-value added rocesses
Designing new process flows
Support in handling people issues and assisting them in this process of change
Implementing the new process flows
Modifying systems and information flow to support them
Management presentation during all stages

A BPR project would take 12- 18 months to complete. However, the organization can begin to see the
benefits from as early as 6 months.

ASK would nominate a team of their consultants who would work on the project in close coordination
with the client management.

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