Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning change to betterment of something. For us word denotes   “continuous improvement” on a long term basis. Kaizen emphasizes on driving out waste from the process by making gradual incremental changes in everyday work with the involvement of everybody working on the process.

5S removes clutter and creates a good environment by improving the house-keeping in the Work Place.
Five rules of 5S are:

SEISO (cleanliness)
SEIKETSU (cleanup)
SEITON (orderliness)
SEIRI (tidiness)
SHITUSKE (discipline)


Major activities in Kaizen:

Set the target
Select the leader
Check the line in question before hand to understand the current status and set the objectives.
Explain the purpose of the project
Instruct the operators
Analyze the data to identify root causes.
Establish counter-measures based on data analysis.
Record effects of the counter-measures.
Establish or revise the standards to prevent recurrence.
Prepare the summary report
Review the process and start working on the next step.

5S Methodology

The five steps of housekeeping are :

SEIREI : Sort – Clear-out
  Separate out all that is unnecessary and eliminate it.
SEITON : Straighten – Configure

Put essential things in order so that they can be easily accessed.

SEISO : Scrub - Clean and Check
  Clean everything – tools and workplace – removing stains, spots and debris and eradicating sources of dirt.
SEIKETSU : Systematize : Conform

Make cleaning and checking routine.

SHITSUKE : Standardize : Custom and practice

Standardize the previous four steps to make the process one that never ends and can be improved upon.


Housekeeping planning:

A Divide workplace in different zones.
B Divide zones into different parts.
C Every zone should have one check-list.
D Evaluation should be done once a month or as per convenience.
E Areas having good housekeeping should be rewarded.
F Also, the areas having best housekeeping for six months consecutively should be rewarded.

Our Role

We bring in expertise and hands-on experience related to all the areas of Quality Management. We support our clients by building awareness and developing skills on all the concepts used for improvement activities, like Kaizen, 5S, 5 “WHY?, 5 Ws and 1 H (What, When, Why, Where, Who and How), 3 MUs (Muda, Mura, Muri),  4 M (Man, Machine, Material and Method), use of Problem-solving tools and many more.

Facilitation is done throughout the process of implementation in formation of small groups, in planning of Kaizen events, conducting meetings, implementation of 5S programme , in planning housekeeping rewards.


Kaizen and 5S implementation brings about the following benefits:

 Improved Productivity
 Improved House-keeping and clutter free work place with 5S   implementation
Improved machine uptime

 Increased employee involvement

Increased problem solving skills
Increased customer satisfaction
 Increased profitability
Reduced setup time

Reduced defect rates

Reduced manufacturing waste

Reduced cycle time

Reduced waste

Improved House-keeping and clutter free work place with 5S   implementation ensures

Inconvenience of searching is avoided
Time spent in handling is reduced
Better space utilization
Inconsistency becomes apparent at a glance
No accidents and injuries
Inspection of tools leads to enhanced inspection
More improvements by keeping the passages clear
Good work without purchasing new things.
Machine downtime can be reduced and operation time can be increased.         
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